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Do you or your business require notary signing services? New Jersey Notary Signing Agents (NJNSA) offers 24-hour support and mobile notary services to meet all your document signing needs throughout New Jersey and New York. Our network of signing agents are trained to exceed your expectations in professionalism and excellent customer service.

With utmost care, we offer a vast array of services, including Overnight Packages, Pick-ups, Fax, and E-Docs. Efficiency every step of the way is our commitment to our clients. Contact us today! .

Mobile Notary

Avoid the hassle and lean into convenience. Our agents are dependable and have been vetted through an extensive onboarding process. We provide a quick turnaround in scheduling your appointment and flexibility to meet our clients’ needs. NJNSA is your secure solution for sending and receiving documents. We pride ourselves on responsiveness and 24-hour access to meet your scheduling needs. Our mobile document signing services include Real Estates, Mortgages, Vehicle Transactions, Administering Oaths, and more. Schedule your next appointment!

NJ & NY Field Services

Observe and snap. We capture images, video recordings, and validate the information you need. We provide a visual inspection of Inventory, Vehicles, Scene, Brand Compliance, Property or other collateral such as Heavy Equipment, Secret Shopping, Genetic Test Technician, DNA Witnessing, ID Proofing / Identity Verification, and other business-related items


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Drone Services

Get aerial images, video, reports, and analysis from a professional drone solutions provider. We capture high-definition aerial images to highlight property locations, manage your facilities, and/or equipment inspections. Experience the difference with our skilled drone pilots to execute professional-grade results.

Our New Jersey Servicing Areas: Bergen, Passaic, Sussex, Warren, Morris, Essex, Hudson, Union, Somerset, Middlesex, Monmouth & Other counties.

About us

New Jersey Notary Signing Agency (NJNSA) is a traveling Notary Signing group, servicing the New York and New Jersey regions. We focus on providing an exceptional customer service experience and fast turn around for a simplified notary process. We Service some of the largest U.S based Title companies, and Banks in the Residential and Commercial space. NJNSA looks to ensure the notary tradition transitions into the technological age with ease. We are here to help, as our mobile services include: Notarizing, Signing Agent, Drone Imaging & Field Inspections.

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Get the amazing service you deserve

We focus on providing exceptional customer service, attention to detail, and the fastest turnaround times. No matter your business size, NJNSA Agents are here to support you and your clients. Don’t wait another second. Call us now! 347-280-3467 and we will be there.

New York Servicing Areas: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau & Suffolk Long Island, Yonkers, West Chester, Albany, & Herkimer county.

Covered, Licensed, & Trained

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E&O Insured

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NNA Certified & Trained

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Pavaso, Nexsys Doc, Docusigned & More.

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